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      1. สร้างเว็บพนัน ฟรี

        Elevate Minds and Inspire Community on Canada's Most Beautiful Campus

        Host your conference, event, meeting or tournament at Western University. Take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and technology—all while being surrounded by our beautiful, historic campus. As a one-stop shop for venues, accommodations, event management, virtual platforms and catering, make it an event to remember when you host it at Western.

        Past Events

        Hosting at Western

        175 Meeting Rooms for Use
        500,000+ Square Feet of Meeting Space
        5,000 Guest Rooms
        2-Hour Drive from Toronto, Detroit & Niagara Falls
        12 LEED-Certified Buildings on Campus
        25 Sporting Venues

        Historic Location, Modern Amenities

        From learning to playing, and beyond, learn how we'll make your event one to remember.

        Easy to Get to, Easier to Love

        London—the Central Hub in Southwestern Ontario

        Airplane taking flight

        International Airport

        Oncoming view of train on train track

        Direct Trains & Buses from Toronto

        Oncoming view of car

        Centrally Located in Southwestern Ontario

        Five people standing together

        Population of Over 400,000 People